The History of EMIS Publishing

The first books for EMIS, Inc. were created and distributed in 1978, and it has been a journey of learning, sharing and hopefully providing valuable information to medical professionals around the world.

“Managing Contraceptive Pill Patients,” by Richard P. Dickey, MD, was the first publication. It organized critical information for clinicians designed to enhance healthy lives of women throughout the world. This book continues to be a valuable sought after resource.

With technology expanding exponentially in recent decades, we recognized the benefits of making this book available in other formats. And have now made this book also available in digital format, to provide a faster, wider reach.

In recent years, we have expanded our library to also include, “Managing Female and Male Hormones + ED,” by Richard P. Dickey, MD, PhD, Madison Seymour, MPH, and Joseph LaNasa Jr., MD.

We graciously thank every client with whom we have established a relationship over the years. Without you, we have no purpose. Thank you to the new and seasoned generations of dedicated clinicians who are providing quality, accessible health care to their patients.

Sincerely, The EMIS Inc. Medical Publishers Team

Past Publications

2 thoughts on “The History of EMIS Publishing

  1. Is it possible to get a discounted bundle of the 17th edition of Managing Contraceptive Pill Patients, softcover and digital together?

    1. I’m sorry, Helene. There is not a bundle like that at this time. You are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter, which is the first place that upcoming sales will be announced.

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