SPRING BUNDLE! Managing Female and Male Hormone Therapy + ED (Digital + Softcover)


Managing Female and Male Hormone Therapy + ED
Richard P. Dickey, MD, PhD
Joseph A. LaNasa Jr., MD
Madison L. Seymour, MPH
ISBN 978-0-929240-30-5
120 perfect bound pages
8.50” x 5.25”
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Managing Female and Male Hormone Therapy + ED .

A well-known trifecta of authors collaborated to offer men and women a comprehensive guide to the management of naturally occurring hormonal changes during their lives.

Richard P. Dickey, MD, PhD, is well known for his research and communication of hormonal management.  His application of comprehensive, easy-to-use text and tables to identify solutions to female hormonal issues and their management is known globally.

Madison Seymour, MPH, a research specialist, has contributed her expertise to ensure this new book is current, comprehensive and accurate.  The wide-ranging data related to male hormonal issues, including erectile dysfunction and male contraception, makes this a unique resource.

Joseph LaNasa Jr., MD, a noted urologist, has partnered with Dr. Dickey to provide details that will help men recognize hormonal changes, and suggest available management solutions.


What’s Inside?

Divided into two sections – female and male – this new book includes current guidance for both patients and providers who seek explanations for the cause, management and cost of hormone replacement.  The authors offer suggestions for when, why and who is qualified to perform accurate assessments that determine normal hormone levels…or not.

Dr. La Nasa has created three important tables to support the authoritative data in the text of the male section of this new book.  It offers guidance to clarify the issues, answers and the all-important cost of FDA approved hormone replacement drugs.  Clear, concise explanations of erectile dysfunction [ED] and the status of male contraception are well-defined.


  • TABLE 1.   FDA Approved Male Hormone Replacement Drugs
  • TABLE 2.   Summary of The Main Differences Between the European Association of Urology (EAU) and American Urological Association (AUA) Guidelines for Testosterone Therapy of Late – Onset Hypogonadism
  • TABLE 3. Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction



In the female section Dr. Dickey offers tables that define the equivalency between estrogens, as well as FDA approved hormone replacement drugs in pills, patches, injections and inserts.  Current, comparative costs make this a unique resource for patients and providers.

  • TABLE 1. Estrogen Equivalent Doses of Conjugated Estrogens Equine (CD), Ethinyl Estradiol (EE) and 17 ß estadiol (ED)
  • TABLE 2.  Relative Progestational, Estrogenic and Androgenic Activity of Progeins
  • TABLE 3. FED Approved Menopause Hormone Replacement Drugs

This compact conversation-starter gives providers an opportunity to help men and women better understand natural hormonal changes, and how to manage the impact those changes have on real lives.


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