Managing Contraceptive Pill Patients, 15th ed. (eBook)



15th edition includes:

  • 38 New Generic OCs
  • All NEW Section #18 – HRT
  • 4 New Tables
  • Updated Table 5 describes 167 OCs
  • Updated Manufacturer’s Reference

Richard Palmer Dickey, MD, PhD
ISBN: 978-0-929240-97-8
FORMAT: ePub & pdf

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The 15th edition of MCPP includes 38 new generic OCs and 1 transdermal patch added since the 4th printing of the 14th edition. A total of 167 OC’s are described, including 26 discontinued in the past 10 years. Discontinued OCs are included to help health workers identify OCs patients have taken previously. Eight of the discontinued pills are included because they were the original or ‘index’ pills for their progestin and estrogen formulation. New Tables in Section 18 (Hormone Replacement Therapy) describe the 10 HRT products with OC progestins, and 26 oral, transdermal, vaginal, injected and topical estrogen only or estrogen plus MPA products available for HRT.

The 15th edition introduces a new Section [18] on use of OC progestins and estrogens for hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)…

Center Index

1. Benefits of OCs to Reproductive Health Information Side Effects Patient Complaints/Cross Reference 19.
2. Therapeutic Uses of OCs Breakthrough Bleeding and Spotting 20.
3. Composition and Effectiveness (NEW) Heavy Menses/Dysmenorrhea 21.
4. Comparative Activities of OCs Amenorrhea 22.
5. Managing Side Effects Uterine/Ovarian Changes 23.
6. Drug Interaction Vaginal/Cervical Changes 24.
7. Teenagers and OCs Breast Disorders 25.
8. Starting OCs Cardiovascular System 26.
9. Stopping OCs Endocrine/Metabolic Systems 27.
10. OC Effects on Pregnancy and Nursing Gastrointestinal System 28.
11. Initial Selection of OCs Hepatic System 29.
12. Emergency Contraception (NEW) Respiratory/Urinary Systems 30.
13. Injected Contraceptives (NEW) Neurosensory System 31.
14. Vaginal Contraceptive Ring Neuropsychological System 32.
15. Contraceptive Patch Musculoskeletal System 33.
16. Intrauterine Delivery System Integumentary System 34.
17. Implants (NEW) Nutritional and Weight Changes 35.
18. Tables Tables Index Abbreviations, Manufactures Index 36.