We’re FALLing into a new season, and want to say thank you!

Access to appropriate health care is important to ALL –  women and men!  EMIS values you as a care provider and healthcare professional.  We want you to have access to the best information we can offer.  A Spring Bundle was offered in May, and our clients were very responsive, so we’re extending the same offer to save 20%.  The combined data in …

Managing Contraceptive Pill Patients – 17th edition, and Managing Female and Male Hormone Therapy + ED

These books offer you answers to questions that come from women about men.  Data indicates that many women make healthcare decisions for the entire family. This unique package is designed to help you better serve all of your clients.

While the economy is a volatile topic right now, one thing is certain – a 20% discount is always good news. 

The FALL Bundle offers savings

$76.40 for both titles  (Regularly $89.90)

Each title is available in print or e-PUB format.  Choose the option that best fits your practice and your style. Every mix-and-match combo of the print and e-PUB formats are available in our store.