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38 New Pills Added to 15th Edition

The 15th edition of MCPP includes 38 new generic OCs and 1 transdermal patch added since the 4th printing of the 14th

What’s New in 2015

Thank you for your continued interest in EMIS, Inc. publications. In our quest to better serve our clients, we often scan electronic resources to identify related articles of interest to share with you. Our editors found the following article interesting

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Managing Contraceptive Pill Patients, 15th ed. (2014)

This book is very helpful in general practice, however I feel less confident using information from this book without validating it elsewhere and it h

Kristy Goodman

Managing Contraceptive Pill Patients, 15th ed. (eBook)

I will enjoy using the e-book; it's a great resource, and will be convenient on my iPad.

Cheryl H.